Coverplug - Distracting Outlets Disappear Outlet Cover

Covers Outlets Completely

The COVERPLUG™ fully covers outlets to seamlessly hide unused electrical sockets from view.

Home Outlet Safety

Protect your curious children from harm by covering your wall outlets with the COVERPLUG™.

Seamless Integration

Easy to install & remove by an adult. Made of a durable, paintable plastic to blend in with your walls.

Our Story

The CoverPlug was invented by Steve and Ann Moore, who were concerned about electrical safety in the home but didn’t want to sacrifice convenience or style. They set out to achieve an outlet cover that was affordable, easy to install, looked great, and offered a high degree of protection. The CoverPlug was an instant hit and is now officially licensed and sold by the dreambaby brand.


The COVERPLUG™ is quicker and easier to install or remove by an adult than other products. At the same time it offers a higher degree of protection and is more aesthetically pleasing than those cheap clear plastic caps.
The COVERPLUG™ looks better than other outlet covers and does a better job protecting your electrical outlets. Its seamless integration hides unsightly outlets from view and protects your children from harm.
The COVERPLUG™ creates a seamless and professional look using Clean Wall Technology. Cover unused outlets in seconds.
The COVERPLUG™ uses a specially designed paintable plastic so you can blend your COVERPLUGS™ right into the walls of your home. Out of sight, out of mind!

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The Buzz:

The coverplug is an easy way to make your outlets nearly invisible. The outlet is completely covered and it blends in perfectly!
Angie B, Centennial, CO
Presses in over the entire faceplate! Puts a visual and physical barrier between your family and the unsightly outlets that stand out from the walls!
Lisa C, Poughkeepsie, NY
Safety, style, affordability mark these as my new favorite baby-proofing gear.
Linsey K, Lille Punkin’ Reviews

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