The COVERPLUG™ can benefit a wide variety of industries in the commercial sector. See how these commercial customers used the COVERPLUG™ to improve the look and feel of their businesses and their clients’ businesses.

Our large commercial clients continually choose the COVERPLUG™ to create professional looking, seamless walls in their conference rooms and in other office areas.

Randy Czuba
Fromm Electric Supply

coverplug cover wall outlets commercial interior design

Depending on the current art exhibition in our gallery, we may need electrical outlets accessible, or we may want them to disappear. COVERPLUG™ is the perfect solution. It eliminates visual distractions caused by outlets, making both the art and the architecture look their best. When electrical outlets are required, they are easily removed.

Joseph Varet
Various Small Fires Gallery
Los Angeles

Clean up walls and eliminate distractions with coverplug electrical outlet covers

The Delegate Condominiums and Zara Realty Holding Group have installed the COVERPLUG™ in their many New York City apartment buildings to comply with recent regulations regarding outlets in common areas. The COVERPLUG™ was the smart and affordable choice to cover outlets and improve the look of the buildings’ interiors. 

yellow-kitchen 1000

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